Renowned Evidence and Trial Advocacy Professor Faust Rossi Speaks at the Law School

"How does one defend the undefendable?" That was the question posed by nationally renowned evidence and trial advocacy guru Faust Rossi. The Cornell School of Law Trial Techniques Chair and Professor came to Mercer Law School on Wednesday, April 6th and delivered a rousing recount of the tragic story of "Leopold and Loeb: The Crime of the Century." As he took the packed crowd of students and faculty back in time to early 20th Century Chicago, he wove tips on trial advocacy techniques into his entertaining recollection. His admiration for defense attorney Clarence Darrow was evident as he pointed to his masterful defense that left the crowd with six advocacy techniques; (1) theme, (2) personalization and humanization of the clients, (3) the art of rebuttal, (4) use of analogies, (5) quantifying for clarity, and (6) universalizing your case. These techniques, he exclaimed, were what saved these boys lives.

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